Tout Près Tout Prêt offers fresh, natural and handmade food and meets the needs of the modern consumer: quality and speed.

Although the fast food market continues to grow, it has not led to greater diversity in supply in Belgium. The term fast food is still associated with hamburgers and pizzas. Fast food is basically synonymous with junk food. Apart from the relatively recent phenomenon of hamburger restaurants, Belgium in snacks a tradition chip shops and sandwich bar. In this respect, none so far has changed. The range is limited to a common rod 20 cm, on which is something. This mixture contains, in general, mayonnaise, eggs, tuna fish, chicken and crab. Can you eat that stuff without dropping pieces into your sleeve, your shoes, or at best on the table? To prevent this, there is still a choice between the U.S. (and more), ham and cheese, and that’s all. We have a different image in mind of a real sandwich. If “our sandwich” was not anywhere in Belgium, we decided to make it yourself. The notion of almost everything is ready born.

In Tout Près Tout Prêt, you find no processed foods full of preservatives and artificial flavors. The success of Tout Près Tout Prêt the triangular sandwich on brown bread. The fillings are surprisingly different than the traditional sandwich. The top three rolls: The Bacon-lettuce-tomato, pastrami sandwich and bacon and chicken club Famous. No less popular: Thai spicy chicken, smoked salmon and Veggie Egg. And for those who take the classics are our tuna sandwiches, American and shrimp. Tout Près Tout Prêt, we want to innovate. Regularly you will find. New flavors and combinations If they are successful, earning their place in our map. To ensure optimum freshness, we prepare new sandwiches several times a day. They are packed in triangular boxes of plastic which is easy to open and close. So ideal for those who want to win. There are not just sandwiches bijTout Près Tout Prêt. We have an assortment of salads such as tortellini and red pesto.

Desserts? Creme brulee, rice pudding, brownies (with or without walnuts and almonds), cakes and chocolate mousse will delight you. In Tout Près Tout Prêt, you will be the traditional cold drinks, fresh juices, flavored waters and find real Italian cappuccino. Tout Près Tout Prêt is ready for those who have little time to eat, but freshness and quality requirements. The client uses and pay at the checkout. This all happens very quickly because everything is packaged. So no queues during peak hours. Tout Près Tout Prêt is also open for a short vacation, a relaxing, tasting delicious drinks … and fans in the area are numerous.

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